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instagram for small businesses

Using Instagram to Market Your Small Business

The importance of a social media presence for your small business can’t be understated. But with all of the platforms now available, it can be hard to navigate which ones you need, and how to effectively use them. Feeling a…
social media mistakes

Social Media Mistakes & How They Affect Your Brand

Mistakes happen. Unfortunately, mistakes made online are public and can sometimes have a negative effect on a brand. We’ve all seen how a small social media error can cause backlash for the big companies – and while your business may…
Grammar in social media

The Negative Effects of Bad Grammar on Social Media

Have you ever followed a business on Twitter, only to be turned off by terrible grammar and bad spelling? You're not alone. For those with a social media account, writing skills aren't just an added bonus - they're imperative. After all, your…
marketing tools

About the E-word: Why Engagement Matters on Social Media

When it comes to social media, followers are great. Lots of followers? Even better. But if that's your only goal, you're missing out. Social media is an excellent communication tool, for both personal and professional purposes. We use it to…
5 ways images are important in social media

5 Ways a Picture Says a Thousand Words – or 140 Characters

Visuals can be a powerful thing. If you've noticed in the past year or two that more social media accounts are using images to make their updates stand out, you're not wrong. Here are just a few of the ways that graphics are awesome in…

Marketing on a Small Business Budget

Marketing is an important part of running a business - that fact remains true for any type of venture. But for those that are small business owners, marketing can be stressful for one main reason: money. When a business is small, it often means…

How to Make the Most of Your Social Media Manager

You've taken the right step and hired a professional to manage your online marketing initiatives and create a buzz about your brand. That's fantastic, and an important part of running your business.  But now what?  Some businesses take this opportunity…

The Importance of Customer Service via Social Media

Back in November, I presented an intro to Twitter workshop at the North Hill Business Education Centre. During the presentation, I outlined the various reasons for businesses to have a presence on Twitter – most of these tend to be fairly…