Why Your Business Needs a Blog

Remember back when the only people who had blogs were, well… bloggers? Times have changed. Now, you’ll find that all different types of brands are blogging regularly. These online-savvy businesses know the importance of blogs for growth, brand awareness, and increased website traffic. Here’s why it works:

why your business needs a blog

Fresh Content
There’s that word again! Content. We’ve discussed why you need content and where to get it, and a blog is a great way to share it. Adding fresh content regularly gives people a reason to visit your website often, which also gives you a chance to convert new clients and customers.

Better Search Relevance
It’s ok to have a love/hate relationship with Google. But your business blog might help you land a little further on the love side of that. Every new blog post you publish is another indexed page which gives search engines one more page to show in results. Your blog posts help drive traffic to your site, they offer more opportunities for keywords, and – in general – help you to make your site more relevant in searches.

Show Off Your Expertise
Whatever your business may be, chances are you have a wealth of helpful information just waiting to be shared. Here’s where you can put it to great use. Your blog posts show off your knowledge and let potential clients and customers know that you’re a pro and an authority in your industry.

Let Readers Know More About Your Business
Your blog doesn’t just have to be about specific topics related to what you do for a living. It can also be about exciting news, employee spotlights, and anything else that you want readers to know about you. Here’s a secret: it’s ok to have a personality, even you’re a professional. So showcase it! Your business blog doesn’t necessarily have to be stiff; you can have fun with it.

Bottom line – blogging, when done right, can mean more business. But if blogging or writing in general isn’t your forte, this is one task that you can outsource with great results. Get in touch to discuss how we can make your blog work for you.

Founder of the The MediaHaus, Kristen partnered her experience as a writer and social media manager to create marketing strategies for small businesses. She is owned by The MediaHaus Mascot, Daisy.

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